Strategic Partners

We Are Employment Counsel to Various Trade Associations

Fine, Boggs & Perkins has strategically partnered with the following organizations to better serve the interests of our clients. We are proud of our strong relationship as employment counsel to various trade associations such as the California Motor Car Dealers Association, the California Autobody Association, the California Motorcycle Dealers Association, and many other trade associations.  We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge legal approaches to trade associations and their members to fortify their legal protection against today’s litigation risks.

HR Hotlink is the industry leader in providing Human Resources professionals with a comprehensive online employment compliance and management system. The HR Hotlink software is a forced process system that streamlines the hiring and compliance process while at the same time reducing human error. The HR Hotlink system also provides online training on topics such as sexual harassment and discrimination prevention. To see how your organization can benefit from this amazing tool, please visit HR Hotlink at

Since 1924 The California New Car Dealers Association has been serving the needs of California’s new car franchises. To stay current on legislation, compliance issues, and industry trends, new car dealers need look no further than the CNCDA. Fine, Boggs & Perkins is proud to serve as the legal advisors for the CNCDA’s employment sections published in the Association’s Dealer Management Guide, a must have for any dealer doing business in California. To learn more about the benefits of CNCDA membership, go to